Lockdown Documentaries

Day 122: Reflection in the time of coronavirus

Day 45 of Lockdown. This is probably my first quiet time since community quarantine was announced on March 12. As an innate introvert, I think I have it easier than others but this situation gets to everyone and no one is immune to the cracks and kinks.


Unexpected love story

The more obvious change is how you've turned our living space to your living space. The living room has a pram across each end, the coffee table has a rocker for centerpiece, there's a big box of an unopened high chair in the kitchen, and colorful clutter --- rattles, blankies, milk bottles, small clothes ---… Continue reading Unexpected love story

Catharsis, Lucky me!

I have great friends!

Someone made me realize that the I have great circles of friends -- circles because I have more than one. They're not afraid to tell the truth or to break bad news. Of course, this can be very uncomfortable at times but it keeps all of us grounded. They don't take sides! Another great realization… Continue reading I have great friends!

Lucky me!, Shopaholic must-haves, Sorta Review

Fixing Fried Hair

I've had my hair straightened thrice, relaxed once, and rebonded about 6 times. Rebonding has always been great until the last one and I ended up with really brittle hair with most strands breaking at the point where it was last flat-ironed. I've been trying to revive it with BenchFix's Kerastase treatments but it could… Continue reading Fixing Fried Hair

Lucky me!, Sorta Review

3-0 Date Night

Only seeing each other on weekends, Nice and I decided not to share my birthday with anyone else but us. And of course, because our upstairs bathroom decided to ensure we couldn't do anything else the whole day (to be written in a short while... or maybe not). Nice made reservations at Cafe Ysabel, a… Continue reading 3-0 Date Night