Lord, give me strength to meet another day, to fight for a difference, to make a lasting change.

I am too tired to fight it, too drained to even try. In the confines of my darkness, it gets colder as i scorch. Bittersweet and as painful. I feel better as I feel worse. I long for comfort that cannot come so I simply descend to slumber. Let me sleep so I can be awakened …and tomorrow let it be forgotten.

Inspired by you, each weave of my life becomes a magical tale and I drift lightly — light as a feather. Your love is the air that slowly guides and soothes all the cares away until only us matters, until the eve of my night becomes the light of your day, through and through, until all that I cannot bear becomes nothing and also, becomes all of you.

Wakin’ up each day. my mind wanders, my eyes search, hoping that you’ll be by my side.

I toast my glass to us spending the last years blessed and contented. Soft kisses under the stars, my blanket against the cold. You love me still as I love you always. Our dreams are endless. Our lives are intertwined. I held your hand as we sleep, captured your face in my dreams. I have never lost you. Every hour we’ve spent etched clearly in my mind.