We just got back from an out of town trip and before I even recount our adventures, I suddenly felt an overpowering wave of gratefulness, so I end tonight with thoughts, thanks, hopes, and prayers. I complain often of how stillness is elusive but this weekend reminded me that my opportunities outweigh my perceived limitations. That I am in control and able while others are without a choice. I worry about not… Read More

Christmas & New Year text messages are not so common nowadays but of the few I received, there’s one that I would like to live by for the whole of 2012. Special thanks to Kizzy for sending it on New Year’s Eve. 🙂 Sunrise after the darkest of nights. Friends who bring out the best in you. A love that makes you smile. Belief that anything is possible. Courage to finally do… Read More

The other night I uttered a prayer of serenity.I was seeking guidance from misgivings.And though I often forget that he is beside me,I again put my faith blindly into his hands. Today, he granted my prayerand held my hand as I walked through.When he said no, it wasn’t a whisperbut a clear concise peace placed within my heart. I cried with the little understanding we were givenyet i never asked why me… Read More