My past 3 Christmas-es have all been just a few lines over depressing. I was stupid enough to think that being on-call and working the during the holidays is a sign of being important, sad to say, I realized it was just a sign of being stupid and that you’re working as a pawn in multi-billion company that doesn’t really care about you. Well, no more! After a very long time, I… Read More

Due to the new work I signed up for and the other freelance stuff I still am currently doing, I’ve sadly neglected the wonderful world of updating my non-existent readers about what’s been happening in my life. 🙂 So let’s talk updates… Monday was a great day for me because I got myself a new toy. Actually, my mom got me a new toy.  Dell Inspiron 1525 Blossom Pattern Intel® Pentium® Dual… Read More