We just got back from an out of town trip and before I even recount our adventures, I suddenly felt an overpowering wave of gratefulness, so I end tonight with thoughts, thanks, hopes, and prayers. I complain often of how stillness is elusive but this weekend reminded me that my opportunities outweigh my perceived limitations. That I am in control and able while others are without a choice. I worry about not… Read More

I have been angry and hurt for 2 days now. I’ve had conversations and conversations where I let all my feelings and angst go but it was never better, it just frustrated me more. Being me, I played every possible scenario in my head from vengeful to apathetic to even being apologetic. I went through each memory, through each conversation, seeing it from emotional to objective, from my perspective, their perspective, 3rd… Read More

“I am restless…guilty that the world is spinning and I am sitting still…” “Nothing to whine about tonight…And I do not like it when I cannot whine.” “When you struggle through raging emotions, words like: ‘there’s only you and my girl’ can keep you absolutely grounded…. crushed but grounded. Talk about fairness.” “Counting the days ’til I get my wings…everyday seems a little bit longer now, even sleep does not give me… Read More

Let everything take its course. naturally… love shall be.